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Monday, February 25, 2013

Non-traditional Recipe Cards: Smore

You should also consider thinking outside the recipe box when it comes to sharing your recipes.  As I mentioned on Friday, Smilebox is a program that combines creation with social media, thus the tagline of "social expression."  The real plus of social expression is marketing, branding, and sharing.

To really see what programs could help food bloggers give social expression to their recipes, I played around with some Web 2.0 options.  I tried Glogster, a visual communication network. I had a colleague use Glogster and it looked sheik. sassy, and organized.  However, she, being a teacher, was using GlogsterEdu which is a stronger platform.  I found the free version a little clunky to use.  Adjusting the text box was a nightmare, layout was cumbersome, and, ultimately, the graphics weren't very adult/food blogger friendly.  They were a little too big and flashy and made looking at a recipe a little hard.  So, I deleted that account and crossed Glogster off my list.
Click on the image for a video on Smore
The program I did like was Smore.  Smore is a flyer program.  You can use them to market and share information on events, promotions, businesses, etc.  It may not do exactly everything I want (like having two columns of text or use my own photos for the flyer background); but, what it does is easy, straightforward, intuitive, and with sufficient bells and whistles to make the flyer fun.

Here are a list of the positives:
  1. Marketing: Once you create the flyer, you can Pin It or share it to social media like Facebook,  Twitter, and Google.  It also can be found by other Smore users, so make sure to include a link on it to get them back to your website.  
  2. Email it directly to friends and readers
  3. Embed it in your site (although when you embed it doesn't quite look the same as it does on the site)
  4. Providing sharing options to viewers/readers: Once you share the flyer with your readers, they can share it with their Facebook and Twitter followers.  
How this applies to recipes should excite you.  Traditionally, you create a recipe and post it on your blog.  To market your recipe, you have a the usual sharing means: post your site to social media, have buttons on your blog to allow readers to share, and pin images from your recipe.  With Smore, you still have your blog post that does all of what I just listed.  But, you have the added exposure of doubling the sharing options through sharing your flyer.  Plus, you have a recipe card on your website that looks different from traditional posts.

I made one that you can see on Smore:  When you embedd it, here is what it looks like:

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